Weather Summary of Miami


Feels Like 37.59°

Min 30.01°

Max 31.68°

scattered clouds

E wind 5.14km/h

Miami, located in southern Florida, boasts a tropical monsoon climate with a marked drier season in the winter. Known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and warm weather year-round, Miami is a popular tourist destination. Here's an overview of the weather in Miami throughout the year:

Best Months to Visit

The best time to visit Miami is during the winter months of December to April when the weather is warm, and rainfall is minimal. This period offers perfect conditions for enjoying the city's beaches and outdoor activities.

Most Popular Time to Visit

The peak tourist season in Miami is during the winter months, particularly from January to March. This is when visitors from colder climates flock to Miami for its pleasant weather and events, so make reservations well in advance.

Wet Season

The wet season in Miami typically occurs from May to October, with afternoon thunderstorms and occasional hurricanes. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are warm and dry.

Average Temperatures

  • Winter (December to February): 15-26°C (59-79°F)
  • Spring (March to May): 18-29°C (64-85°F)
  • Summer (June to August): 24-32°C (75-90°F)
  • Autumn (September to November): 22-30°C (72-86°F)

Tips for Travelers

When visiting Miami, pack lightweight clothing, sunscreen, and sunglasses, especially during the summer. Don't forget to explore the city's diverse neighborhoods, indulge in Cuban cuisine, and relax on the sandy shores.