Petra in 6 hours
A flying visit from Amman to Petra followed by a tour that nearly killled our guide with exhaustion!

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Our hotel concierge in Amman said it wasn’t possible to have a day trip to Petra, but we proved him wrong (just) - if you like a challenge! We left at 6a.m. and our taxi driver slept in the day so he could drive us back in the evening so we could catch a flight. We really did nearly kill our tour guide with fatigue, due to power walking between all the sights. We had to leave our elderly guide in a café and supply him with cold drinks to keep him alive while we upped the pace and ascended the higher areas of the city overtaking people and donkeys on our way. Unless you’re training for a marathon, I‘d recommend that you try and stay closer to the amazing ancient city of Petra, as there is enough to see in one long day or two more relaxed days.
An amazing temple carved into the rock that had been more recently known as The Treasury.

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