A day at Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak (Chinese: 太平山, or previously Chinese: 扯旗山) is a hill on the western half of Hong Kong Island. It is also known as Mount Austin, and locally as The Peak.

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With an elevation of 552 m (1,811 ft), it is the highest hill on Hong Kong island, ranked 31 in terms of elevation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Tai Mo Shan is the highest point in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with an elevation of 957 m (3,140 ft)). The summit is occupied by a radio telecommunications facility and is closed to the public. However, the surrounding area of public parks and high-value residential land is the area that is normally meant by the name The Peak. It is a major tourist attraction that offers views of Central, Victoria Harbour, Lamma Island, and the surrounding islands.
Overlooking the Central district on Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak Tai Ping Shan is one of the best vantage points for stupendous views of the harbor and high-rises. Rising 1,810 feet 552 meters, Victoria Peak is topped with the touristy Peak Tower complex of shops, restaurants and 360-degree Sky Terrace viewing platform. Go for a stroll through the Victoria Peak Garden, follow one of the many nature walks on the mountain, and stay on for nightfall to see Hong Kong's spectacular nightly light show.
For over 100 years, the Victoria Peak Tram has been inclining its way up Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. Taking a ride on the steeply angled tram is an essential Hong Kong experience. The service began as a coal-fired tramway in 1888, and was electrically powered by 1926. Today, more than four million people take a ride on the Peak Tram every year. At the top, you'll find the ultra-modern Peak Tower with its restaurants and Sky Terrace viewing platform, the surrounding nature walks on the Peak and the Victoria Peak Garden.
Victoria Peak Garden (Chinese: 山頂公園) is a Chinese style garden near the summit of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. The former Mountain Lodge, an alternate residence for the Governor of Hong Kong, was located there. It has been demolished, but the park remains as an attraction at the Peak. It is managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. It is a vantage point which captures an over 300m high view of Victoria Harbour and the night scene of Hong Kong. The original landscape remains in the garden. Unlike most of the public parks in Hong Kong, dogs and other pet animals are allowed in the garden.
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The Peak Tower (Chinese: 凌霄閣; Jyutping: ling4 siu1 gok3) is a leisure and shopping complex located at Victoria Gap, near the summit of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. It also houses the upper terminal of the Peak Tram. Both the Peak Tower and the Peak Tram are owned by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels group, the owner of Hong Kong's famous Peninsula Hotel along with many other properties. The tower and tram are jointly promoted by the collective branding known as The Peak. The Peak Tower is located at an elevation of 396 m, 156 m below the summit of Victoria Peak. Because the architects sought a design which would be prominent on the skyline but would not interrupt the natural line of the hills, they chose a site in a dip along the line of the hills, and restricted the tower's height to 428 m above sea level.
The Peak (Chinese: 山頂) is the upper terminus of the Peak Tram funicular railway line. It is located inside the Peak Tower at Victoria Gap, the Peak, Central and Western District, Hong Kong, 398m above sea level. The station was opened in 1888 along with the tramline. It is known to be 35 degrees of a full circle, and if it was extended to a full circle, the entire volume would be roughly 45,000 cubic feet (1,300 m3).[clarification needed] The volume of the Peak is around 4,500 cubic feet (130 m3).

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