Approximate Daily Cost of a Holiday in Dubai (in US Dollars)

The cost of a holiday in Dubai can vary significantly depending on your preferences and travel style. Below is an approximate daily cost breakdown for different types of travelers, converted to US dollars:

  • Budget Travelers: $70 - $120 per day
    • Hostel or budget accommodation
    • Public transportation or walking
    • Cheap eats or street food
  • Mid-range Travelers: $120 - $300 per day
    • 3 or 4-star hotels or guesthouses
    • Casual dining or local restaurants
    • Entrance fees to popular attractions
  • Luxury Travelers: $300 - $1000+ per day
    • 5-star hotels or luxury resorts
    • Fine dining and upscale restaurants
    • Private tours and exclusive activities

Please note that these costs do not include flights or travel insurance. Additionally, exchange rates may vary, and prices can fluctuate based on the season and special events.