Zense Gourmet Deck & Lounge
Zense was redesigned by renowned Thai architect Amata Luphaiboon, the multi-level floor layout sections off the large space into varying dining corners, from elevated seating on a large landing halfway up the interior staircase to a table on the terrace overlooking the Royal Bangkok Sports Club. Wherever you decide to plop down, dropping by the rooftop bar on the terrace to drink in the skyline before getting down to business is recommended. For diners that like page after page of menu choices, Zense offers five cuisines from some of capital's already famed eateries --- Thai cuisine by White Cafe, Italian by Gianni Ristorante, Japanese by Kikusui, Indian by Red and Mod European by To Die For. Zense's own patisserie team serves up the sweet treats.

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Impressive restaurant. Classic facade but some very innovative items on the menu. Maitre outstanding, quality and range of dishes superb.

It's OK, but for this price level I have a half dozen other preferred Italian restaurants with better quality ingredients and cooking. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty good food and service, just its over priced compared to competitors in the same level of quality.

Gianni is a creative chef his food is never boring , he always has seasonal imported food from Italy, especially white truffles in autumn, a huge selection of Italian wines and grappas, and an excellent service team.

Food is great but the price is way too expensive. Watch out on what you order, check the price carefully. A turbot fish dish can run you close to Baht 3,000. Prosecco can be around Baht 1,700 a bottle. Definitely the food is great. Clientele is mainly corporate taking their clients to entertain here so the price of the foods reflect this segment.

20 years of excellence. You can never go wrong with Gianni

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