The rich and bold flavours of China's Szechuan province have made their way to Dubai. YUAN mixes classic Chinese cuisine with contemporary twists to create dishes that will truly delight.

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Wow Amazing food , I enjoyed every dish and would want to go back again very soon . The design is beautiful , the service is great .it's located in the Avenues of Atlantis and it's accessible from the outside without going inside Atlantis. Free valet parking .

Delicious food, friendly service and a relaxing ambiance. I highly recommend this place.

Located in the Atlantis complex this restaurant is no doubt between the top 10 resturant of Dubai. Offer an outstanding culinar experience were fresh ingredients and centenary tradition are perfectly melted. Dim sum are simply outstanding. Staff is perfect and the environment it's great. E real elegance. Expensive as it should Be.

We visited twice during our stay at Atlantis, and used the half board menu. Food was amazing, service was perfect!

Delicious Chinese restaurant with excellent service. Not a cheap eat but an excellent quality restaurant. On the down side.. Expect to wait between courses... Sometimes just that fraction too long which is enough to make the delay irritating. Portion sizes are also generally on the smaller side so order accordingly, I'd recommend you take a sharing plates approach to the order in order to sample as many of the great flavours at Yuan as you can. Edit for the Dim Sum Brunch: Do not miss an opportunity to try it.. It is excellent and the entire service experience is different with fast service and delish treats!

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