Yavne 10pm – 1am
Tucked away behind Allenby, this is definitely a blink and you’ll miss it kind of place – but that would be an epic, bloody shame. With glowing neon, electric lights, the design is the lovechild of a 70’s lounge bar meets 90’s Las Vegas Casino, but posh and upcycled with a nod to the Kuli Alma cool kid crowd meets Melrose hipster vibe. Central Tel Aviv – Yavne St. 31

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They had great food few months ago.. in the past week they changed to vegeterian only menu.. cocktails are still good and the food is still fine. The music also took a more mainstream turn which is really turn off but it differs from day to day. They didn't decide which atmosphere the place need.. only my opinion. Might be a good option for tourists...

good bar. cool atmosphere. mediocre food

The place has a lot of potential but somehow it turned out to be aמ impressive failure. Hostess was unpleasant and disrespectful. The food is overpriced for ridiculously small and mediocre dishes. The drinks took forever to arrive even when it was only beer and nothing fancy. The food has arrived faster than the drinks (even though it should be the other way around, as we all know). Music was too laud and wearingly boring. The sole good quality for the place is the waiters and the service they provide.

The service is awful. It takes ages for a waiter to notice you, and even if they do they tend to pretend they didn't and ignore you. The couple next to us left after 20 minutes of sitting there without anyone taking their order. The drinks are OK, food is pricey. The place has great potential, great location too, but it's trying too hard to give a hipstery vibe to notice the disappointed costumers.

Great vibes but food prices are high. service is not good but the food selection is great and changes almost everyday

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