Wall of Advanced Roofing
A friend’s daughter was walking back from Victoria Primary School, up the Newhaven Road, when she spotted a tiny king’s head poking out from the side wall of Advanced Roofing: it was high up above her own head, about level with the Newhaven Road street sign, intricately detailed and wearing a medieval, perhaps Arthurian-style hooded crown. She was thrilled to find it. It really is tiny, maybe the size of a carved chess piece, made of a sort of tarnished pewter. What was it and why is it there? Closer inspection reveals the wall to be full of treasures – a stone thistle, a lump of marble embossed with the letters ZZA, a rose-topped triangle inscribed with the date 1593. The edges of two of the little windows are lined with pebbles. The cement around the larger window is pargeted with a tile-like pattern and a handwritten date (1970) below a hammer and chisel, with a large snaking S on either side. What could they all mean? T h e s e c r e t a r y a t A d v a n c e d Roofing didn’t know anything about it. But a neighbour across the road remembered Stanley Sutherland, who set up his building company there. He was quite a character and built the wall himself, filling it with bits of interesting masonry he’d picked up over the years, like a magpie feathering its nest with trinkets, or a Leith-based Gaudí decorating his walls with random broken objects. Where he found them nobody knows …

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I contacted Advanced roofing and they couldn't have been more helpful. They went out of their way to fit me in as I was due to have an operation and wanted the roof sorted before I went in. Lovely friendly staff on the phone and in person.

Had owner round for a quote, he was rude and we'll overpriced. Avoid.

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