View the Atlantic breakers from Cape Girão
Cabo Girao's glass-floored viewing platform offers views down 1,900 feet to the Atlantic rollers below

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This cliff, just west of Funchal, is 580 m high and really worth a visit. It's got a short skywalk - not for anyone with a fear of heights! Crowded until around 3 pm, after which the tourist coaches leave so you have the place pretty much to yourself. Great light and views during the evening hours.

Situated in about 2 kilometres away from downtown of Câmara de Lobos (southern coast of the island), it is a 580 meter high sea cliff opening spectacular views to the ocean! It is extremely popular and normally overcrowded. The Madeirans believe it is the second highest seacliff in the world while there are some conflicting evidence on this matter :)!

You can get here by bus (bus stop is right next to the entrance). View is really nice and those who are afraid of heights could be scared a little bit. There is also a restaurant and some souvenir shops (with slightly higher prices than in the city).

If your like me and you are ok with heights, but not greatbe brave and step out. When you first step onto the glass floor its a bit disconcerting, but push your self to do it , the pay off is fantastic. dont rush yourself and dont take out the camera straight away take a bit of time to get used to it. Its remarkable how quickly you do get used to it . In actual fact i was more concerned about the steel grated sections drop your phone etc. and if it falls between grate you will be waiting a while before it smashes. In the immortal words of Mrs Doyle " Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on" You wont regret it

Very nice and also very interesting place. Must have to see.

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