Tuesday: Pure Sky Lounge
This bar, on the 35th floor of the Hilton on JBR has two terraces as well as an indoor dining room and seating area. But, really, anyone who comes here and sits inside needs to have a long hard think about what they've done. The vista is one of the most spectacular in this part of Dubai, with amazing views of the Palm Jumeirah, JBR and the long stretch of beach. Ladies get free-flowing selected drinks between 9pm and 11pm. 9pm-11pm. Ongoing. Hilton Dubai The Walk, JBR, Dubai Marina (04 374 7888)

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Avoid like the plague. Not a family friendly atmosphere. Had a reservation for 5. We sat outside and there was air conditioning on all the European looking guests. My children got sick from the heat. We decided to leave because of the heat and the hostess decided to charge us for the water they provided. The worst service in this otherwise beautiful Emirate. An insult to Dubai's lovely family friendly, diverse and inclusive environment!

Nice place but be careful when you order something that is not in the menu. We just paid 150 UAE for a cocktail!!!! All other drinks in the menu were about 65 UAE. Be aware!!!

Nice food, good music, chill place.

Beautiful view of JBR and Marina. Expensive cocktails. DJ Nights quality varies, based on the DJ.

Great lounge located at the Hilton Dubai Walk (JBR) that has great views of the famous Palm Jumeirah and upcoming #meras blue waters / Dubai eye. There's both smoking and non smoking sections and you can have a meal as you have drinks at the bar. Nice place for small to mid sized get togethers or parties with tunes played by the resident DJ. Advance bookings is recommended.

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