Tuesday: Lucky Voice
One of Dubai's hottest karaoke bars is putting together a tasty offer for some midweek fun. Ladies get unlimited mixed beverages, grape and bubbles , plus 20 percent off the food bill and 30 minutes for free in a private karaoke pod. 8pm-1am. Grand Millennium Hotel, Barsha Heights (800 58259).

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One of the more unique spots in Dubai! Definitely a great idea to book a karaoke room with friends and have a fun night. Service was very prompt and friendly. Their passion fruit martini wasn't bad and overall everything is decently priced, except I remember feeling ripped off by their price of tequila shots, they were about 60-70 dirhams which isn't really in line with the rest of their pricing. Ordered their pizzas which weren't amazing but hit the spot and were also very fairly priced.

Great crowd and great tunes later in the night, even of you do not book a karaoke booth. Great service from friendly and helpful staff.

Lucky Voice it's one of my favourit place i go to when am in Dubai. Beautiful place.... Great food, Lovely music and the Staff they are super Awesome people very friendly! Big up guys with the great Job y'all do!!!

Friday's lucky brunch is the most fun thing ever

Very rude and racist staff !! They allow people if they are from europe or america and at the same time they deny entry to people from other nationalities. Very evident if you stand there and observe. Guys get a life..you are not the only pub in Dubai ! Worst service and worst staff !!

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