Tuesday: Cove Beach
With stunning views of the Burj Al Arab, this beach club doesn’t need much help drawing in the crowds. Understandably, the outdoor area is the main attraction here, with the pristine all-white restaurant being abandoned by many during cooler months in favour of sitting under the stars. Ladies who spend Dhs100 will be treated to unlimited pink grape and canapés. 8pm-11pm. Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Umm Suqeim (800 2683).

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Good beach with nice view. Offers a pool and a wide variety of drinks and food. There is also a restaurant in the premisses. Staff are very friendly.

We wanted to relax and dine at the restaurant but at the entrance we've been welcomed by "Sergio". He asked for our ID's with no hello, no explanation, he was rude and rough. Then he stared at us very longly and was aggressive when he realize that we felt uncomfortable about situation. We totally understand that they need to control ID's but there is way to welcome client and ensure security of everybody. We felt threatened and very uncomfortable.

It is very chill, i go there often myself. The standards of people going there now is better since they introduced a 100 entry fee which includes a towel and a free drink.

really lovely place, nice people that help you in any way, Clear water and a marvellous sun. .a perfect stay! !

OKay ...The music is cool the beach is small the place also have a pool , limited beds and they have servers even on the beach so that's good as well it's more of an relaxing atmosphere which is good.

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