Try an apple wine at Apfelwein Wagner
Despite all of the great beer and wine produced in the region, Frankfurt's favorite libation is apfelwein (apple wine). Sachsenhausen on the south bank is renowned for its apfelwein taverns, none better than Adolf Wagner, established in 1931 and still owned by the same family. Braeburn single variety apfelwein, created from fruit grown just outside of Frankfurt, is the house specialty. The tavern also serves traditional German dishes like pork knuckles, schnitzel, sausages, potato salad and sauerkraut. It's a sprawling place with several distinct bar areas, and both indoor and outdoor seating during warmer weather. Apfelwein Wagner, Schweizer Strasse 71 Frankfurt am Main, D-60594 Frankfurt, Hesse Germany; +49 69 61 25 65

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Fantastic traditional atmosphere at this great eatery in Frankfurt. There is indoor and outdoor seating, which the majority is shared. This let's you eat and meet others, making the experience a social one. It's loud inside, so don't expect to have quiet, intimate conversations. The food is delicious, the waitstaff friendly and fast. It can get very busy here, so be prepared to wait. I highly recommend the Apple Wine! Delicious!

Fun place to eat, we had a great waiter. The Apple cider was a nice surprise. The first glass takes getting used to, after that it goes down nicely. Moderate prices. Overall a wonderful experience. Highly recommend the goulash.

The food was ok, nothing special I've had far better in Frankfurt and they don't sell beer! The staff was just plain nasty. My friend and I were extremely polite, but no matter how nice we were, we got snapped at, dirty looks, eye rolls etc for asking for the smallest of things , such as the check. We were encouraged to go here because of staff at the hotel. Desk clerk told us to try the dessert. We really wanted to, but were afraid we'd get our heads bitten off if we dared to ask. When pulling my credit card out of my wallet, it stuck for just a second because it's a brand new wallet and I got yelled at to "hurry up!". Not a pleasant dining experience at all. Not going back. Will tell the front desk they might not want to recommend it anymore if they haven't been in a while.

Nice atmosphere and funny staff. Fast and decent service. Very decent prices for typical Frankfurter food. Very crowdy! Don't go if you're vegetarian.

Amazing schnitzels, amazing apple wine! And good service! Cozy yet warm! Recommended!

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