Times Square
An explosion of neon illuminates Broadway and Times Square, where more than 40 famous theatres play host to a changing parade of hit shows

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Very fun place to visit, an amazing variety of stores to choose from. From Hard Rock Cafe to the Hershey's store to small mom and pop souvenir shops it is all right here. Expect large crowds especially in the evenings. Another fun thing to do is viewing Good Morning America being produced. The street performers can be entertaining and a fair warning that a few are not kid friendly. Being right next to Broadway is another benefit to visiting times square if you in town for a production.

Having lived in NYC for 45 years, I have seen two very different incarnations of Times Square. The first in the 1970s & 80s was busy & commercial & much of that commerce involved the adult & porn industry. As a young man, it did not bother me personally, but it was not ideal for tourists & other visitors. During the 1990s, the area was changed completely & though I did not think it possible, the new Times Square is more unpleasant than the old. Visitors should see it -- it is the "crossroads of the world" -- but, they should be prepared for heavy crowds, traffic congestion, aggressive costumed characters who are happy to pose with you for photos, but expect to be paid & other vendors of every type. The square is ringed with office buildings, so tens of thousands of working people add to the congestion. Almost all of the Broadway theaters are located within a block on the side streets that cross the square, adding to the congestion in the evenings and on matinee days. The largest discount theater booth is located on the square, with waiting lines. Finally, several tour companies operate city tours that originate at the edged of the square. This all means that visitors should expect to deal with crowds that fill the square in all but the wee hours of the morning (even then, there will be thousands of people). Today's square is filled with flashing lights, streaming news, gargantuan ads & everyday a different temporary attraction or diversion. Every visitor should see it. But, see it on your way to or from the theater -- those Broadway theaters hold some of the greatest productions & performances in the world. See it at the beginning or end of a city tour -- the tour will show you that NYC has much, much more than Times Square. Or just walk through the square as an experience, then go & do something else this wonderful city has to offer!

Electric, eclectic and vibrant. This place is everything you are lead to believe it is. Bright, brash, loud and flashy. Go visit at night, sit at the viewing platform at the Father Duffy statue and take it all in. The place is full of stores, hotels, cafes, bar, restaurants and ticket booths. There are also many theatre and cinemas in the area. The whole area has also been cleaned up over the past few years and is very safe with a big police presence.

Incredible. This is all you see on the photos and so much more. The skyline, the street, the ad boards is all so much to take in. Right in the heart of New York all the Broadway shows are nearby along with the large commercial restaurants (hard rock cafe being my favourite!). Also worth noting that the subway station here you can get near enough every line, so get here and go out from there if ever in doubt. Incredible, a must experience!

Times square is always hustling and has plenty of people from around the world. Go to restaurant row for some good food and atmosphere. Go see a Broadway play and get cheaper tickets at TKTS. Take a picture with a celebrity character. Shop shop and shop some more Make your way to Bryant park and Rockefeller center Top of the rock observation deck is the best 360 views Have a coffee or buy a sandwich Lots of tourist info here And the Hop on Hop off buses that ride around town sharing history.

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