Thousands of love locks on Eiserner Steg
The Eiserner Steg is a footbridge leading over the river Main in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, which connects the centre of Frankfurt with the district of Sachsenhausen. The first bridge of wrought iron was built in the year of 1868. Now lovers come to this bridge to hang a colourful padlock as a symbol of their love

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Iron bridge was a good place enjoy evening. the time become more special when Christmas arrived. You cam reach here by tram or taxi. There are also nearby river view rides.

It is really nice place one should visit.It is interesting to note that many German peoples hang lock at the bar and put the key in the river with some faith! ( or blind faith?) It is quite interesting. Some peoples in group sing songs/play music etc.One should have a evening walk on it.

I thought all the padlocks has been taken off bridges so it was nice to see one in all its glory. Lovely walk along the embankments and then onto the bridge

My female companion thought it was a romantic place. I didn't, because too many people. It still looked nice, tho. 4 stars because it serves its purpose well (getting people across that river).

Great views of the city and cathedral. Unfortunately it's a thing in some German cities to throw trash, aside from fireworks, everywhere on New Years Eve. I'm sure the pigeons were thrilled!

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