The Rock
In my mind no visit to Zanzibar is complete without a visit to The Rock, stunning location, great food and amazing staff

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The one of a kind location. If you go to Zanzibar you have to visit this place. The owner is very polite and friendly. You will not be disappointed.

Only the view is really nice! Place is cozy, but food is really worse. It's not worth the money for what you get. We ordered the seafood special, but it was not prepared fresh. Like it was prepared in the morning. We ordered the food and got it in 10 min after ordering, you cannot tell me you that they grilled 6 different kind of seafood in 10 min. And the fish carpaccio just came directly out of the fridge. No decorations except some carrots. Nope this place is only good for drinks but not the food. Believe me, really not worth spending money here

Very popular restaurant. It is necessary to make a reservation. A beautiful and idyllic outlook is only in tide. When it is tidal, they are all around the seaweed, so nothing beautiful. Food prices are very high in the area. Thanks to its location it is one of the most famous restaurants in the world

Wonderful place in the middle of the sea. Service and food were great. We got the luck to meet the owner, who is a very nice person. He supports local kids with parts the revenues of the restaurant. It was a fantastic evening in a unique location!

Love love love this place. Food was great. Lighting was a little dark, but definitely a must go to!

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