The only known site for breeding Zino's Petrel
The walk to the watch point "Miradouro Ninho da Manta" takes about 20-30 minutes and hopefully you will hear the spooky calls of the Zino's when they arrive at their nests. Best time at night seems to be from 23:30 onwards. It's possible to hear Zino's at this location between April and September, however, July to mid August is the best time

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Stunning viewpoints, an absolute must do in Madeira! Make sure you check for good weather and blue skies before you jump in your car! Enjoy this breathtaking experience!This hiking trail is one of a kind bridging the two highest peaks of Madeira, Pico Ruivo (1861 m) and Pico do Arieiro (1817 m).

Important note: even if you are just a lucky passenger of a coach with amazing AC you have to be fitted with warm clothes as a paratrooper, this place is windy and little bit cold (guides are silent, cause you can spend 100 euro for warm stuff here, but quality is not good enough)... Or you should run like impala to the cafe and pass by walking

If you visit Madeira you must need to visit this place!!! From Pico do Areeiro to the Pico Ruivo is a little bit challenging but wroth the visit. The view is amazing!!! This trip takes around 5-6 hours and around 14km to go there and back. The Pico Ruivo is 1862m high so bring some waterproof suites as well becouse the weather changing all the time!

Absolutely mega place to visit, stunning mountain views and walk and a restaurant as well.

Simply beautiful place. Knocked one star down because you absolutely need to get nice weather up there to truly enjoy the view. The hikes between the peaks is pretty serious but you can chose to just do a little bit of it as well. If you do go when it's foggy, bring a jacket.

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