The Garden Tomb Jerusalem

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This site is considered an alternate crucification and burial site for Jesus Christ. There is a mountain side that has resemblance to a skull which may have given rise to the name Golgotha mentioned in the Bible. There is also a cave which may have been used as a tomb. The site is well maintained and does not have the large crowds that visit the traditional site.

A must experience to ponder on our Risen Savior. Peaceful and you can take Holy Communion here as well. Too good

Beautiful garden and very peaceful here. Staffs were very friendly as well. It was quite an experience to be able to witness this place.

The Garden Tomb is scriptually solid and makes sense from a historical (Roman) perspective. It's close to what would have been the major thoroughfares, (for maximum effect by the Romans), it's on the site of a garden, it's on the outside of the city and it would be difficult to deny Golgotha (at least to me). We'll worth going. There are volunteers on site that provide tours.... well worth the trip for so many reasons

Peaceful place. Feel the God love through the grave. Very very special moment to be in this garden. There are no word good enough to thank you Lord. There are no word to explain my feel. Awesome God ! Jesus is alive !

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