The Faldo Course at Emirates Golf Club
Emirates Golf Club's second championship golf course, which opened in 1996, was named 'The Wadi', taken from the Arabic word for 'valley'. Redesigned in 2005 by golf legend and six-time major winner Nick Faldo, the course now combines a stunning visual design with the nuances and challenges of any championship course in just the right measure, providing visitors an exceptionally enjoyable golfing experience.

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This review/rating is for the par 3 only. Have played the par 3 at Emirates golf club numerous times. It's a nice experience and a very well maintained course. I think this par 3 is the best in Dubai by far. The par 3 in the winter time during weekends is 140 aed The receptionists are really nice and the pretty snappy when it comes to reservations and bookings

Love to visit the place. I visited there for an truckers event. A great place with unique ambience. Only issue was if you are going there for a event, very hard to find parking. So need to be there early as possible.

I've been to better golf courses, but this one is still very good. Great views over the towers in marina. Friendly and helpful staff. Worth visiting for a tee time and few drinks after. Location is the biggest advantage.

Best place to get away from all the busy day to day rush. Amazing views.

Certainly 1 of Dubai's premier golf destinations. Great facilities and golf courses.

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