The Block – 1am and later
The Block is Tel Aviv’s biggest and most serious night club. Located on Salame st., detached from most of TLV’s wild night-life, The Block is easily accessible by either bus or taxi. As soon as you enter, the outside world ceases to exist, but with 3 different areas, each with their own music and vibe – why would you want to leave? First you will hit the main dance hall, there is also a smaller dance hall and a lounge. All these are connected by luminous corridors for you to get lost and re-find yourself. South Tel Aviv – Shalma Road 157

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Really really good techno club with 3 dance floors, but be prepared to sausage party: boys/girls ratio in night of my visit was about 70% / 30%.

That is the best club in tel aviv by no doubt to those who love techno music, you should look for the line that calld "friday at the wild wild south". The place got two main dnace floor that on is no smoking zone and at both phones are forbid, the third dance floor is the pleace where you can chill smoke and use the phone. The sound in the club is pleasure to the ears and you must go ther if you are in a visit for the night life.

For context, I'm from London and this was the only club I visited in TLV, and it was part of Pride. Sound system was great, the club less so. Not a huge dance floor and the music was so so. Drinks (₪45 for a vodka & Coke) were ridiculous. However, the security were some of the best I have seen in a club. As you enter, you are grouped and the club rules are explained, no smoking in the main room etc. It was also made clear patron safety was paramount - any issues with other patrons, just speak with security. From what I have read, this is their standard. So well done for putting patron safety so high on their list, I wish more clubs were like this.

Great atmosphere, great music, great great sound, safe. Beverages prices are exaggerated - could be normalized and still run the business.

Dark and beautiful - 80s maze Unfortunately no open air area

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