TEDER.FM 10pm – 1am
If Tel Aviv is a hipster capital of the world, TEDER.FM is its Mecca! Teder is a perfect hangout, it’s unpretentious and chilled, with outside tables in the middle of an old gallery, perfect to sit out with friends for hours, they broadcast good music, serve beer in jars for sharing and have an amazing pizza. They regularly host cool guest DJs (TEDER.FM broadcasts live every night), special performances, movie nights, and second-hand-markets. South Tel Aviv – Derech Jaffa 9

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A beautiful place with great productions! Be it lots of awesome free concerts with the best of the the local indie scene, great festivals or super cool art fairs, the Teder has got it. Don't forget to try the amazing pizza!

everything there is amazing! they have so good taste in music and art, if you are up for experimental art and look for inspiration you will perfectly fit this place

I love this place! However tonight the gin and tonic I ordered for me and my friend were pretty low quality. We returned one and when it came back it was worse. Oh well. Still love this bar and hope the drinks are better next time.

This is hands down one of the best places to visit when you are in Tel Aviv. The space is very unique and if you sit at the restaurant at the upper floor the food is excellent. The great music, excellet food and unique vibe make this place to stand out on an international level. A must visit.

It's pricey, the music is loud and not always inspiring. The pizza is good but there other places you can get good pizza... Not the best and surely there are better options at Tel Aviv

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