Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
This Frank Lloyd Wright building is a work of art in itself, and a fitting frame for such a major collection of contempory art

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I was anticipating to visit this museum because of it's unusual architecture and wide popularity. We visited in the week between Christmas and New year's so it was very busy, much more then usual. We waited in line for 40minutes. I highly recommend to get tickets online as there is a shorter line for those. I was not disappointed by the amazing architecture of the building. It is a great space, you can find bathrooms and drinking water fountains on every floor. We started walking from the top downwards which was the easiest and more natural way for me although the exhibition was setup to be viewed the other way around. We saw the exhibition Art and China after 1989 very political and society critical one.

Great and quick to see. You will be the light that you see the amount of art that is available here. If you are smart enough you going to have a good time enjoying the museum. It is easy to explore because of the way that was designed. It's also very kids friendly. You will never regret coming to this place. Must see attraction in your next Visit New York.

This place reminds me that architecture is a work of art. The museum is just fabulous! Was there over Christmas and it was good. The audio guide works as GPS/ map and so when you are anywhere in the museum looking at a piece of art you can 'ping' and it tells you about it. Found it really handy especially in a group or if a particular piece of art or area is crowded, it means you can move on and come back to it. The history of China was on display as well as the museum pieces. Loved it! There is a cafe where you can buy a light meal as well as a restaurant which I assume requires a booking. Interestingly they only accepted cash? Might have been owing to the time being Christmas holiday time.

I visited Chinese exhibition, not sure if it was my cup of tea. Check before you go, if you care. Because $65 is not cheep for 2. I'm an artist, so I got my inspirations anyway. Nice building. The concept is that you go all the way up via elevator to 6fl. And then walk down to spiral viaduct while looking at arts.

I've heard so much about the museum that I was ecstatic to visit. At this time they are exhibiting art between the period of close to cultural revolution. It was interesting how everything was set up on the spiral in ramp.moving up the museum. The one thing I don't like is the crowds. Perhaps the museum can do better controlling the number of people going in per day? Maybe even taking reservations ? The museum is not like the MET where it has more interior space so it doesn't matter how many people they let in. If that could be improved it would be nice .

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