Sirocco's menu prices reflect its exclusive vantage point 247 meters above the pavement dwellers. Mediterranean fare is complemented with drinks from the quintessential Sky Bar - made famous by "The Hangover Part II". If you have the urge to relieve your wallet some more, the restaurant also carries caviar, including Almas, the most expensive Beluga roe in the world. Snagging a dinner reservation later than 7:30 p.m. is recommended, as the live jazz band with a daily soulful belter (other than Mondays) really puts the arrival experience over the top, especially for first timers. A strict dress code applies and getting there tipsy might not be a good idea due to the narrow steps leading down from the 64th floor arrival terrace.

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90% of the crowd is tourists. Drinks are unbelievably expensive ($20, yes, US dollars!). Food is also extremely pricey and terrible, you're paying for the view, which is already free. Both these reasons are why most locals never come here. When you walk out of the elevator, you're ushered to another open air bar on the right. Most people go here without realizing there's a whole other area to the left, that is much bigger, better and what Sky Bar is famous for. I've still given this 4 stars because of the really cool overhanging bar and the undoubtedly fantastic view.

Our experience at Sirocco was absolutely first class! The food was wonderful, the views amazing, service of the highest order and the attentive, friendly nature of the assistant manager, Janette made for a night dreams are made of and for which memories will long last! We were made so very welcome and were spoilt with attention, service and care. Thank you, especially Janette, you were wonderful! βœ…πŸ’₯πŸ‘

They are at their best making your dining experience memorable, in a good way. I choose chef's tasting menu with wine pairing course. 16,000+ for two people but hey, it's not like you're doing this everyday. Go for it and won't regret. Food and wine are unique work of art. Service. ...feels like prince and princess. Will be next visit for sure. Several times here now and i still keep coming back. They remain my princess status but also well-balanced on making me feel at ease. Chef's tasting menu and atmosphere enhance each other like a perfect everlasting love.

Overrated! not as good as you thoughts. There are so many rules and regualtions in this bar. They will bring you go to the pack and crowded area to order your drinks before you move. The drinks is Overpriced!!! Limited space for us to move around and snap photos. Never come back! and please do not come here for your sky bar or fine dining!

We visited the sky bar at this place and were not happy. Might be nice for dinner but so not worth it for drinks. The good: views, tasty cocktails The bad: totally overpriced, no seats The ugly: super crowded, they hord all the people that are not having dinner into a tiny area and half the people smoked so it stank to high heaven with no way to get away from it.

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