Shopping therapy at the Zeil
The city's main shopping street for more than a century, the Zeil stretches roughly a mile across central Frankfurt. The eastern half is motorized, the western half a broad pedestrian street spangled with trees, outdoor cafes, department stores and boutiques. Anchor tenants like Karstadt and Kaufhof have been there for what seems like forever. But the ever-evolving thoroughfare has newer shopping places, in particular the flashy MyZeil, an American-style shopping mall with a fitness center, food court, game arcades and child care to complement the diverse shopping. MyZeil, Zeil 106, 60313 Frankfurt, Hesse Germany; +69 29 723 970

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A department store offering a complete selection of clothing, household and cosmetic goods under one roof. Highly recommend a visit to the top floor for hot food and free charging on offer.

there are now new asian market, fresh vegi and many more, some are not that expensive, reasonable price. quite happy with it

the best karstadt in the area. also has an asian supermarket in the lower level. very warm and inviting. even sells old stamps, letters and money. you will likely get everything you need except computers, cameras, games.

Large department store. A tad old fashioned and tend to cater for the older person.

Wide offer of articles but the structure is quite old and not very attractive.

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