Saffron Restaurant
Saffron brings the finest in South East Asian cuisine straight to your plate offering you a taste of the best regional delicacies for breakfast or dinner.

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Buffet restaurant with an emphasis on Asian food. Noticeably more choice than in Kaleidoscope in the east tower. Always crowded for breakfast, you may need to wait to get seated. Could be quite noisy, not the best restaurant for a romantic dinner.

Breakfast here was like a feast God food quality and taste Amazing ambiance and friendly staff

The largest feast I have ever had, so much food to choose from and I tried it all. The quality is great and it's amazing for what you pay. The service is average but you just don't care because all you want to do is eat. I recommend this place mostly for families.

This was one of the best breakfast we've ever had in Dubai. They have a great variety of international cuisine, almost everything you can think of, food was fresh, they even have a gluten free section. The staff were friendly and very attentive. They need to add mangoes & smoothies to the menu. They run an automatic coffee machine, so coffee was ok, only if they had a manual Esspresso machine. Get in early as you could be waiting 30 minutes to get a seat, Recommended.

if you are looking for a peaceful family outing , then please dont go there , but if you áre with lot of pushing around and jam pack seating ,with music then this is the perfect place , as the collection of alcohol will make you forget the faults anyway , food is average .good for groups

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