Rockefeller Center
An urban wonder, with gardens, restaurants, over 100 artworks, offices and a skating rink

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BETTER THAN EMPIRE! We went here yesterday and was a really great experience. In my opinion, as you can see I prefer this to empire. One of the main reasons is, because you can see the Empire! Not fair on the empire experience I know but is the most iconic part of the skyline. On Top Of The Rock you get 3 different viewing platforms. Recommend going to the top, it may be cold but well worth it!

Pretty convenient place to sit around and relax. Super packed during holidays...especially Christmas. The restaurant that has a view of the ice is pretty good. Convenient access to the subway, and there are some decent stores and food places as well. I also recommend checking out the top of the rock. It's way better than the empire State building in terms of view and comfort.

Amazing! Beautiful piece of architecture and culture. Learning about the rich historical background is amazing and seeing what went into making this building is so well done. Top of the Rock is a MUST for anyone visiting. The view is truly a sight to behold. There are several levels and different views and angles you can take a picture from. It does get cold on top so bring a jacket in the summer and warm coat in the winter. The view is still spectacular in the winter too. It does cost money to get a ticket to go to the top, but it is well worth it. You will need to select a time slot to go up when you purchase your ticket and won't be let in unless it is your time. Attendants in the Rock are friendly and helpful. Super busy around the holiday season, especially with the tree at the Rock and the skating. Skating is expensive and unless you truly love skating or want to skate with tons of people I would recommend it. If you are going to the top of the rock I would recommend going right before sunset and then waiting till the sun has set so you see the view with the city lights.

Rockefeller Center is especially beautiful during the holidays. With its festive decorations, and its outdoor ice skating just off one of its entrances, surrounded by additional buildings, it stands out among the many historical buildings in Manhattan. The building also features an observatory deck that offers its unique view of Manhattan with the Empire State Building in its horizon, and a great view of Central Park as well. Also worth noting that The Rockefeller Center features a real tree used as their annual Christmas tree. As of my last visit, the tree was yet not decorated but Sat inside it's own scaffolding for the decorators. The tree itself is very tall and very large. Overall, The Rockefeller Center is worth a visit among the many sites of NYC.

Beautiful space with surrounding sites such as restaurants, iconic ice skating rinks, and family friendly stores such as the American girl doll place, the LEGO store and many others. My friends and I came to see the tree lighting here and had a blast. It gets packed and cold So I would recommend bringing warm clothes. I have never been able to go ice skating here as there is always a long line and it is quite expensive but I’m sure it’s beautiful. This is definitely an attraction to see if you’re in New York.

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