Relais & Châteaux Restaurant Lafleur
It may seem sacrilegious to dine on classic French cuisine in one of the most thoroughly German cities, but Lafleur is the kind of restaurant that begs you to break convention. Unveiled in the fall of 2012, the Michelin-star restaurant is located in a gorgeous Bauhaus building inside the Palmengarten, near the city center. Austrian-born chef Alfred Friedrich has created a menu that's among the best of Frankfurt, revolving around creative interpretations of traditional French dishes. The menu ranges from suckling calf with broad beans, chanterelles and fregola sarda to fillet of St. Pierre in filo dough with crayfish and young leeks. Lafleur, Palmengartenstrasse 11, 60325 Frankfurt, Hesse Germany; +49 69 9002 9100

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I give 2 star as I don’t think the taste of the food is that great. You do pay a lot, service is great, and the food looks amazing visually. But the flavors are not as amazing as other people say. The lobster dish, one of their signature dishes, is raw and tastes weird. The food as it comes out, looks very interesting, nicely served like art, but the taste is not close to wow, and can get disgusting. I would say, treat this restaurant as an interesting experience, and just not expect the food to be tasty.

Very Good Standard. Perfect service. Meals are tasty and eccentric - very nice mixes of different products.

Simply incredible lunch. Amazing flavours and excellent service.

This restaurant too, is one, where you only go, if you want to please your palate in a very particular way.Had a 4 course menu that was cooked and served very professionally in high standards, delicious and astonishing taste with amazing fragrances and aroma.Could choose between approximately 3000 different wines! ! Words like marvellous or fantastic wouldn't make justice neither of them (chef & sommelier) exceptionally a magic experience. Carpe Diem For real food lovers

Excellent interior and location.

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