Rainbow Mountain Peru

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The walk up can be gruelling, mainly due to the elevation, but wow.. once you reach the peak there is a true sense of accomplishment and it is felt by almost everyone that reaches it. The best part is you come in thinking solely of rainbow mountain but are blessed with incredibly versatile land forms all around you. It makes for phenomenal pictures and it leaves you with a sight that you will never forget.

Rainbow mountain is gorgeous! Took a tour here for 70soles and the hike was incredible. Wish I had found out about the full red valley trek before but I made it past the rainbow mountain a bit more and higher and saw the red valley. View was incredible. I’ve had lots of coca tea and gummies so elevation was not an issue and was able to run down part of the trek like the horsemen/horsewomen. Lots of alpacas here!

Breathtaking views and an incredible hike up to 5200 m above sea level to make you realise how unfit you are. Please spend at least 2-3 days at Cusco to acclimatise yourself before taking on the challenge to do this hike. I assure you that this hike will be all worth it when you make it to the top.

It was one hell of the hike and only because increasingly more difficult. You can pay to ride horses to the top, but it's so much more rewarding doing the hike yourself!

The altitude was much higher than anticipated. I️t was very cold, but very beautiful.

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