Pensão Amor
Typical of the offbeat flavor here is the converted brothel Pensão Amor where ace cocktails accompany erotica and DJ sets.

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A place with a cozy environment and fun international crowd. Great to meet new people or fall in love, interesting people seem to poor out of the place. Try it any day of the week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the summer are too good to be true. Good service and soft security presence. With no smoke inside and decent cocktail quality. The worst is the sound quality although the DJs are not very serious but that makes the music feel more domestic and perhaps easier to enjoy. Have fun!

Formerly a brothel turned into a bar/dance club. It’s got a somewhat hidden entrance, which upon entering you’ll see some of the past Art on the walls. There is a dance floor, which is quite busy and further beyond that is a beautiful sitting and cocktail area. The whole house is true to its roots. It’s still touristy but interesting to see it’s past.

This place is elegantly tired. I think it is one of the coziest places in Lisbon. 50 years ago this building used to be a brothel and the decoration is successfully made in the same spirit. Sometimes they play theatrical performances. This time it was "Alice in brothel land", a 25 minutes piece about prostitute's life in 1962, after the brothels in Lisbon were shut and forbidden.

This is probably the best cocktail bar in Lisbon I've found so far. Fantastic bohemian decor, really tasty drinks and great customer service. There are also some interesting parties going on.

Very cool location in lisbon. Perfect to party and very nice drinks. Awesome interieur, it's very special in there. You might have to wait a bit on saturdays.

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