Paters Vaetje
Pater's Vaetje is nice and easy to find, being right next to the cathedral (you can't miss it; big building, one spire not quite finished yet). It's in a typical 17th century Antwerp house and there are plenty of signs of its age inside. The floor is flagged with red tiles and the beams are visible in the high ceiling. The bar counter is a lovely carved wooden affair, with some attractive leaded glass work. At the rear is a small raised gallery. Continuing the use of traditional materials, the tables are marble-topped. The beer list is pretty good, too. Obviously, the bottled beers are mostly Belgian, but I don't find that a great problem. The draught beers are rather boring and there is an obvious Alken-Maes tie of some kind. Overall, a pleasant and intimate café well worth a visit. Really not bad for the centre of town.

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Very cozy and always warm in the winter. So many choices of beer so it is hard to choose one. That is why make it a game, close your eyes and point your finger somewhere on the menu and go for that beer 😜 Sit upstairs, it has a really nice atmosphere.

Very nice bar with amazing beer and service! Was stranded there during heavy rain and the staff was very kind and charged my phone. During that time I enjoyed some great belgian beers!

Nice and cosy bar in de centre of Antwerp. A bit busy on Saturdays, so go early

Cozy and nice place! A bit small though

Cool bar with a nice view of the Cathedral. Beer selection is pretty good. Servers were friendly and helpful. Food was just ok. More locals than tourists, which was surprising given the location.

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