Pastelaria Alcôa
Pastelaria Alcôa opened at the beginning of 2017 in what was once a beautiful tobacco shop. The tiles from the interior and exterior remain, but the smoke has been replaced by the smell of sugar and an enticing window display of sweets. This is Alcôa’s second location; the original dates back to 1957 in Alcobaça, a city about two hours from Lisbon famous for its convent sweets. The pastéis de nata are on display next to other convent sweets made of egg yolk and sugar with funny names like “nun’s belly” or “the forbidden love.” The bakery uses high-quality ingredients, and the custard of the egg tarts is perfectly balanced and creamy. Warm egg tarts continuously come out of the oven, so no matter what time you stop in, there will always be a fresh batch.

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What they serve looks amazing, tastes good but not as good as it looks. Maybe the awful service today had a part in that. A bit too price.

Nice place and very, very, very good sweeeeets.

Landmark for both natives and foreigners. Products with high quality Conventual confectionery awarded at various coventual reference events.

Probably the best place for "doces conventuais" in the country. I highly recommend

Very good sweets! Excellent service, recommend:)

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