Immerse yourself in elegance. Ossiano is an award-winning seafood restaurant with stunning views of the Ambassador Lagoon, making it the most luxurious dining in Dubai experience at Atlantis.

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Lovely setting but average food for the price. I have eaten in far superior restaurants for a fraction of the cost although it has to be said that most of our bill was alcohol (We had a bottle of wine and 2 cocktails in total). I would save my money and eat elsewhere.

The ambience in the restaurant is very good, and the aquarium is unrivalled. So, if you want a place with a good theme and a lot to look at then this is good bet. However, the chef isn't quite as good as he thinks he is. Plenty of talent, but hidden behind considerable self importance and wasted effort on a front of house staff that spend too long talking about "gastronomic experiences" and too little talking about the actual food. And on the staff. They're attentive when they shouldn't be - happy to interrupt your "gastronomic experience" with irritating chat, and nowhere to be found when you actually need them. The prices are high, even for Dubai, and not justified by the quality of the food or the service. All in all, you're better looking elsewhere unless you really value a great aquarium with your dinner!

Great location, delicious food and cool live music.

Some of the best food I have ever eaten. The view of the aquarium is amazing.

Great atmosphere, mediocre food, and below average service

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