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Avant-garde European and Portuguese cuisine describes Avillez's menu, which stretches from sea bass with seaweed to lamb with vegetable puree

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For a restaurant with a 2 star Michelin brother behind and several other well-known sisters in the city, we were surprised (and not) to only wait 5 minutes to get a table on a busy Sunday afternoon. We, a couple mid 50's traveling mostly to enjoy food around the world when not busy working, were warmly accommodated and well served. Learning a few words of local language goes far. The chosen starters were surprising in bold flavors without compromising delicacy. Based on what you order, some dishes take time to prepare. But what's the rush. The ambiance is perfect. The music tasteful in the back allowing easy conversation with your table partner. The main courses were splendid. Haven't had an octopus dish that tender in long time and the pairing with sweet potato mash was fabulous. The black pork was braised to perfection and the side of fresh made chips crispy outside and soft inside. Great wine selection and not to forget the in house made ice teas are delicious too. We shared a dessert and left happily and satisfied good two hours later. Thank you wait staff/chef team for the great experience.

This restaurant is capable of delivering a better dining experience than my family had there recently. The cherry gazpacho was superb; the giant prawns were very good and very expensive; and the fish soup was good. The octopus on a bed of mashed sweet potatoes had little flavor and the textures didn't work. A dessert described as "life-altering" was undistinguished. Most upsetting in a restaurant at this level was the 30 minute gap between our finishing our starters and the delivery of our main courses, which occurred only after our prompting.

Service was the worst in Lisbon we had, the waiter wasn’t paying attention and they didn’t respond when we said that the Fish soup was bland. The waiter advised us not to choose the lamb stew as that could be pretty dry. Weirdest advise ever in a restaurant. Besides the soup the food was ok but nothing special. This was our most “expensive” night in Lisbon, and we liked it the least. There are so many places that serve special and delicious food in Lisbon, combined with perfect service. Wouldn’t recommend this one.

Excellent little restaurant. They have good vegan options to choose from, even if their main focus is on meat and fish dishes. Good wine selection too.

Nice, bistro style place. Good variety in the menu, both food and drinks. Tried the octopus and lamb, both very good and flavorful. Portions are small, though served with style. Bit on the expensive side.

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