One Ocean Dive Center Matemwe
About an hours drive from Pongwe, the One Ocean Dive Center in Matemwe caters for all levels of divers. Crystal clear water, some great corals and fish and fantastic staff made this a dive to remember

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Good dive center with good facilities, however two points made me put only two stars: - there was four diving group and one snorkeling group on the boat: we had to wait quite a long time before being picked-up after the two dives. Since there was quite a lot of waves, the waiting time was not that super enjoyable. - the dive master was not very careful. While we were struggling swimming against current he was not checking how we were doing and kept going his way at his pace. He also kept touching coral and moved it around a few times. Lastly, he kept playing and poking an octopus who did not ask anything else than left alone peacefully.

Super professional, a great place to learn how to scuba dive with.

Good option for mixed groups of divers and snorklers. Professional operation with a focus on safety. Dolphins spotted four days in a row.

Amazing dive center with great service. I went some time ago already but they were very professional. Dive sites and visibility in the waters around were amazing.

Great place if you want to scuba here

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