Legendary Japanese restaurant Nobu continues to redefine cuisine at Atlantis. Offering an exquisite dining experience in a stunningly attractive space, this famous Japanese restaurant is one of the hottest venues in Dubai.

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Food is phenomenal and service is great. It is one of my absolute favourites. The two things I am less excited about are the decoration and the ambience. The decoration gives you a feeling you are coming into rainforest cafe and the place is so spacious that it may sometimes feel that you are sitting alone in there. Nevertheless, the gastronomical experience is superior.

The food is in large quantities but poor of qualitie. Sorry the all you can eat is not a japanies thing. I say less is more but from a better quality. Tuna had fat and the scripts where like plastic. I feel sorry they had to die. Mass-produced not worth the calories.

The only reason that my husband and I booked at this restaurant was because we checked out the menu and found that they serve sea urchin. We made the reservation and specifically asked if it's available that day on the menu. The woman that took our booking assured us it was. We arrived had a drink at the bar and was nicely surprised with the service. We then proceeded to the restaurant area and when the waiter was taking down our order informed us that the sea urchin was NOT available. Overall the food was ok, but the yellowtail was cut too thick. The manager was rude while the waiter was very professional. The place is over priced and if you're a true sushi lover please go to Okko, this place overall was a big let down.

Definitely not worth all the hype. I went for a Friday brunch and for the prices they charge, I expect a lot more. They can do a lot better on food selection, quality, and service. If you're looking for something similar, I recommend Zuma. The sushi is much better there and the service impeccable.

booked a table of 8.. service was good not bad.. manager was rude .went to every table apart from ours .when confronted about shook his shoulder..spent about 900 hundred pounds there..not impressed with the manager

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