Nata Lisboa
The best tarts that stole my heart away were the tarts from Nata, I had my very first bite of Portuguese tarts here, and then I quickly grew inseparable ever since. Being in Portugal saw me visiting the nearest NATA shop every morning for my dose of tarts. Ah, heaven on earth!

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The highest Michelin rating for a restaurant is 3 stars. - One star for a very good restaurant in its category - Two stars for Excellent Cooking - Worth a detour - Three stars for Exceptional Cuisine - Worth a special journey NATA IS WORTH A SPECIAL JOURNEY. The simple sandwiches we had here were so good that we will make a special journey to enjoy more. The bread was excellent, perfect thickness, perfect crust and degree of toasting. The flavors of the ingredients were all in perfect harmony. The ham and cheese sandwich reminded us of the best Raclette cheese flavors from Switzerland. How can one be so exited about sandwiches? Because these are excellent. The best I have ever had in over 6 decades. You have to try them for yourself to find out. Try the Pork loin with Serra Cheese. To the young man in the black in the picture (the creator): Don't change a thing. YOUR CREATIONS ARE PERFECT. The world needs Nata as stated outside the restaurant.

Really nice place to eat a breakfast. Monday and Friday they have a nice soup that you gonna pay just 1 Euro if you take any of the menu. They have a big variety of sandwiches and they are delicious. Of course the “pastel de nata” is so tasty. The prices are really good.

Delicious pastel de nata, friendly service. It’s a small place basic decorations but good to grab a espresso and tart.

Good Nata place. If you are in downtown and crave for the Nata, this would be a decent choice.

Best pastel de nata that I experienced in Lisbon, crunchy pastry and teastful custard, even better than pastel de Belem.

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