Nasimi Beach
Welcome to Dubai's premiere beach club and restaurant destination. At Nasimi Beach, you can relax or party at your leisure, dine by the beach during the day, or join the hottest party at night.

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Very Good Food In here and the service was excellent. One Waitress in particular was amazing with our Children letting our youngest help her a bit and wander around with her. Worth the visit

Very nice restaurant by the beach. European cuisine. Good service. Loved the music and the view towards Dubai marina.

Second visit here again in 2 years. Fantastic food because all half board visits are free no surcharge as in some of the high end restaurants at Atlantis. The food is on par or better. Got the chicken again my second review of this restaurant

His Highness passes in Nasimi beach club event this weekend at Nasimi beach ! Nasimi Beach * sex on the Beach †††† Located on the Palm with the backdrop of the Atlantis, Nasimi Beach is a great nightclub that offers a unique Dubai experience of partying on an artificial beach 7kms out into the sea! Enjoy your day relaxing at the beach during the day and dancing to the pounding tunes played by the DJs into the early hours of the morning.

Booked the Imperial Club upgrade at the Atlantis Hotel. Went for a beer at Nasimi Beach and was told it was not included (I was told it was). There are 4 tables at Nasimi Beach available at happy hour for the Imperial Club upgrades and they are all always taken (logically). So the people there told us to go to the main seating area. We went, ordered food and drinks and were charged for them. The Imperial Club Upgrade is very expensive but its dedicated lounges are overcrowded at all times and the happy hour at associated restaurants is a flat out lie. The food is good and waiters are very nice. But why tell people drinks are included from 5 to 7pm when they aren´t? I want my money back and please stop ripping people off.

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