Moti Roti
Location: Jumeirah Lakes Towers A new addition to the ENTERTAINER, I just tried Moti Roti for the first time and enjoyed it a lot. We often get it delivered to the office and I usually choose from their Rice Boxes. The Plucky Palak Paneer Rice Box is delicious (a little spicy and with some spinach in it). On another note, the social media enthusiast in me just loves their Instagram account, too.

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There are a few interesting items at Moti Roti like the Okra fries and Onion Bhaji Ring, which sounds unique but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try those. Value for money wise, I would say it is not there. The portions are small and the taste is pretty average. The prices are still reasonable but when compared to the portion size, again it is not worth it, it is edible for sure but I wouldn't be talking about what a great deal I found at Moti Roti any time soon. The mango lassi that is charged at 15 dhs, I can find one that is double the size for the same price easily. I thought the flavour on the spicy chicken roti wrap also wasn't strong and flavourful enough and tasted more like a plain roti. Also didn't notice that much chicken in it either. I did enjoy the Masala Toffee pudding which had a nice sweet texture but not overly sweet that would have made me stop eating. I understand they contribute to charitable causes such as feeding the hard working labours that help build Dubai into what it is today, so for that I respect them and give a little extra marks there. Moti Roti is a work in progress, the idea is there and maybe I just ordered the wrong dishes, overall it was an ok experience but I won't be returning any time soon.

Today, first time I had food from Moti Roti and it was great and reminded me of home. Spicy Chick was yummy.

Great food! Authentic home style!

I've had the pleasure of going to their new location in JLT. First off - I enjoyed their food. If you're looking for a modern twist to south Asian restaurant this is the place for you. It's not like those places which you wonder "how long has this meat been in the freezer before it got served to us." The food tastes fresh and the flavors are very rich. It's not like the "old school" Indian/Pakistani food chains that have been in Dubai for many years. Definitely give this place a try. The staff is great and Tahir, the owner, is a real gem of a guy.


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