Molecule Restaurant
Location: Dubai Design District I could not finish without mentioning this place. Molecule is another new addition to Dubai and The ENTERTAINER. I love everything about this place. First, it is located in the trendy Dubai Design District. Secondly the ambiance is incredible. They have an arty interior (watch the ceiling you will be amazed!). They also have their own live radio you can listen to it anytime – even from your home: and sometimes, my favorite Dubai-based DJ plays there: James Locksmith And how could I forget the food? Really classy, with fresh products – this is a fine dining experience.

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My friend and I used to go there often after work as we work in D3. Once we decided to go there for happy hour after work and it was a disaster. The bartender did not specify what spirits were on happy hour knowing that we were looking at the happy hour menu. There was a live singer so we ended up staying there for a couple of hours and when we were hit with the bill we were SHOCKED!! They charged us the full price on everything that was in happy hour. When we said we thought the spirits we ordered were on happy hour as the bartender did not specify they did not help, said today was the bartender's first day and we had to pay around AED1,300 instead of 650 or so. As frequent customers you would expect them to do something to compensate but no. Most expensive and ridiculous night! Never going there again!!! The atmosphere is quiet and there is no crowd. We only used to go there to catch up after work but after the horrendous experience we had WE ARE NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN!

Food is great and not expensive. Drinks are excellent. Lovely people. Favourite place. Highly recommend.

Super duper lounge and restaurant in d3. Delicious French bistro food, extensive and very well executed cocktail list. Very cool lounge area for a relax session. Highly recommended.

Amazingly delicious Molecule Signature Salad. The presentation was tempting and the taste, the dressing, the ingredients all were yummilicious

I was there yesterday I enjoyed my time there we nice drink food was very good not too expensive and they had DJ too

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