Meet and greet at Tokyo airport
Upon arrival into Tokyo's Narita airport, you will be met by an english speaking Jacada representative and assisted through immigration. You'll then be transferred in a private vehicle to your chosen hotel, Aman Tokyo.

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Great airport. There are lots of seats where you can lie down to sleep, so it would be great for those that have long transit times. The airport is really clean, efficient, and great looking. The staff are really friendly, professional, and fashionable. Most of them speak really good English. The security transfer is also efficient and quick. The toilets are really great, clean and also with water spray, with digital control. The only downside is that it took long time to go anywhere. It takes 15 minutes to go to another section of the airport, and the food selection on the terminal satellites is not good, with usually only 1-2 restaurants. The main building offer quite a selection, but it takes long time to go to the main building.

I really like using this airport. Customs is usually very fast and the people are usually very kind. We ended up using terminal 3 this time which was no good. Complete opposite of terminal 1. I really felt like an animal in a barn or holding pen. Avoid terminal 3 if possible and it will be a better experience. Expect food and drink prices to be very high. It's like airport prices on steroids.

Our travel to here via Limousine Bus was definitely heart racing, as we don't know if we'll be on time for the check in, luckily, we were. And it was busy and we were a group tour, we got a shortcut for the check in counter. And emptied the remaining balance of our ICOCA card for the last minute shopping of chocolates. It definitely is a large airport, though it was sad to say that we haven't been able to roam around as we just got there on time for the check-in, bought few more chocolates and souveniers, then in few minutes later we were boarding our plane. We traveled through Philippine Airlines, and I got to say, our money spent was definitely worth it, as we enjoyed the flight back to the Philippines. Thumbs up to Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo)!. ...👍 Definitely going back again to tour the place!!

After our very long journey we could come across this super big airport! Very well organized, crew very gentle and at your disposal with your needs. Also security is appreciated. Very well connected to the other big cities via Shinkansen and local subways.

Tokyo Narita airport is great and easy to navigate because there is English written everywhere. I fly jetstar to Japan, from Australia so I always fly into terminal 3 and everything is easy. Terminal 3 has a Lawson convenience store where you can buy heaps of cheap snack foods and a bottle of water for 100 yen. Such a bargain compared to airport prices in Australia. As I also fly onto Hokkaido, I need to spend the night at Narita . There is a designated long stay area called the north waiting area which is brilliant and allows you to sleep in a quiet area away from the constant PA calls in the terminal. You need to walk out of terminal 3 towards terminal 2 to find it but there are sign boards on your left as follow the red running tracks on the ground. Police officers do regular patrols through here and a security guard watches over everyone later in the night. An amazing setup that makes me as a woman travelling alone, feel very safe.

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