Meet and greet at Tokyo airport
Upon arrival into Tokyo's Narita airport, you will be met by an english speaking Jacada representative and assisted through immigration. You'll then be transferred in a private vehicle to your chosen hotel, Aman Tokyo.

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Airport security staffs were incredibly professional, thorough, yet extremely polite. Felt really welcomed. And when I was there, they had some Japanese arts and craft activity in the main waiting hall, was really happy to learn some new things about traditional Japanese paintings. Washrooms were very clean. Great airport!

Love the toilets there. Mechanised toilet bowls, very hygienic and convenient. The transit area has cubicles with comfy high backed reclining chairs with foot rest and charging port for phone. So comfortable I almost missed my connecting flight, not knowing the gate opened early.

A good airport. Well organised. Staffs are very professional and polite. A bit of distance from Tokyo city center, but public transports are very convenient. Very clean public bathroom. Just a few stores, OK for me, because I don't usually shop at airports, only occasionally a drink or a snack.

Very good airport. The logistics of this major airport are astounding. My luggage got transferred to a connecting domestic flight with no issues and the way that they do connecting international to domestic flights are very smooth. Very helpful personnel and convenient amenities make it an extremely easy place to catch connecting flights whether it be domestic or international.

I loved the shops and the staff knew excellent english, very clean, lots of bathrooms, it wasn't a maze to get through, and the people their were very nice. The immigration/visa/foreigner line was little annoying though. Otherwise it was probably the nicest airport I've ever seen!

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