Whether you’re dining at the DWTC, JLT or Souk Madinat branch of McGettigan’s, the Irish pub will never let you down with its hearty grub and upbeat atmosphere. Every Saturday and Sunday, the team serves up a selection of tasty meats with all the usual trimmings in one gigantic portion (it is an Irish pub). It’s Dhs99 at both JLT and DWTC branches, while it’s Dhs109 at the Souk Madinat Jumeirah branch (that stunning setting is worth the extra Dhs10, we can tell you). Tuck in while you enjoy the line-up of live sports being screened. From Dhs99-109. Sat-Sun (timings vary between venues). Various locations, including Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim (04 447 0219).

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Lovely place for a few drinks. I love it because there are none of those stupid club policies. A single man can go and enjoy drinks and music wearing whatever he wants and not paying extra money for being a man. That's very rare in Dubai. Keep up the good work. Cheers :D

Urban social house, with great cocktails & food options. They have ladies night Monday which is very popular. Great outdoor seating as well

Been to this place a few times, for casual evening drinks, and for the Friday brunch. Always an enjoyable experience.. great atmosphere and good music.. can be a bit loud and a bit smokey... but other than that... its great... the Guinness isn't bad either...

Pub with a good reputation but it's slightly loosing it's touch. It's often to loud to have a conversation which I personally don't like. But when you can sit outside it's good and food is pretty decent for a pub.

My wife and I entertained some friends from the US and we decided to dine at McGettigan's. BEST decision we made. Ambiance was was amazing...and the drinks were perfect. Definitely one of the best we've had in Dubai. We're most certainly going back.

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