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Our cover star, and a mighty roast dinner. A restaurant backed by a British Michelin-starred chef is surely a safe bet for a tasty roast dinner, right? Right. Jason Atherton’s Marina Social serves up the Saturday Social Roast, pegged as a “weekly nostalgic journey bringing you a piece of home”. Opt for the tasty sirloin, or the extremely popular roast chicken. To finish, we recommend the warm chocolate fondant with milk ice cream. Oh, and mums and dads will be glad to know there’s also a special kids’ menu, too, which is completely free for little ones under the age of 12. You’re welcome. Dhs150 (two courses), Dhs195 (three courses), free (children under 12). Sat noon-3pm. InterContinental Dubai Marina (04 446 6664).

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Fantastic find. Great value and brilliant atmosphere with open kitchen to see chefs. Highly recommended and will be going back for the various offer nights

Walked in at 745pm didn't leave until 1045pm. The waiters were amazing but management was not really into assisting more than they had to. If I can give no stars I would.

Great food and view. Recommend Monday and Tuesday night for great value dinner and drinks

The food there is very good, great ambiance and amazing view. Downside is the service, waiters have limited knowledge about the menu: - I was informed the Tuna as an entrée was totally raw, when i received it i was obviously seared, when i mentioned it to the waiter, he still insisted that it's raw and the changed color was due to marination #notconvinced - i asked them about the different meat dishes they had, i was looking for something lean and with as little fat as possible, waiter was obviously not capable to recommend anything It's sad that such a nice place will deliver a mediocre experience because of the quality of service

The 'feed me' set menu is not worth the price tag. The dishes are mediocre but the quantity is nothing to complain about. Final take: Would not repeat.

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