Just minutes from Lisbon’s popular shopping area, Chiado, Manteigaria is best described as an egg tart bar. The Art Nouveau building, once a butter shop, has only a counter and a kitchen. From eight in the morning until midnight, a mix of tourists and locals eat their egg tarts at the counter, while on the other side of the plexiglass, bakers roll, shape, and fill new tarts. Every time a new batch comes out of the oven, a bell rings.

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This is certainly an experience everyone must have when in Lisbon. Manteigaria does one thing and without a doubt they do it right. The custard tarts are filled with taste and they shell is cooked perfectly to hold every drop of it. The espresso with this custard tart was an experience I would have many many times again.

Don't have to wait in line for the Perfect cream egg custard like the other traditional famous shop. It was recommended by our local guide, and it's definitely the must try custard.

Good taste of egg tart. If you don’t have time to visit Belem, here is the good option to try egg tart. it’s quite expensive compared with other egg tart place. But taste is good. But in my personal opinion, custard piling feels heavy for me. it’s yummy but I can’t eat over 2 pieces.

Fresh egg-cream pastries right out of the oven, 1€ each when we went 6 months ago. Coffee and hot chocolate also available. Standing at counter to eat in with the entertainment of watching them make the next tray of pastries was a great experience❗️ Take-away available. This is a MUST GO TO‼️

When you hear the bell, it means there's a fresh batch. I recommend eating the pastels hot! They do pack them to go if needed.

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