Lux frágil
Capping a Lisbon night are pre-dawn traffic jams at Santa Apolonia docks -- they're created by the popularity of Lux, the king of Lisbon superclubs

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After one hour in the queue... Most of people in the queue was dismissed due to full party. I don't understand why nobody from the club was warning the queue about it. There was still like 300 people behind.. They will take ages... Just to listen to... It's full.. Sorry. That makes this hour of my life unrecoverable. Not returning

Absolutely amazing!!! The place has a great structure (lights, sound, rooftop, breathtake view) and a cool atmosphere mixing different range of ages. Dj's are awesome too! Prices are expensive (entrance/drinks) but it's reasonable by the luxury idea. The only thing to say it's about the allowance of people smoking at the dance floor... awful!

It's okay. Like a discothek with fever dance music. You can feel if would you like.

Went as part of a 4-man group from UK and was skeptical due to negative reviews on here but despite some English lads being thrown out when we were in the queue, we were welcomed and charged the local rate of 10 euro each. And with a smile! This was at 5am. We don't look Portuguese but maybe carried ourselves that way after a great night in the city? who knows :) Drinks on the pricier side of Lisbon rates but the venue had a great atmosphere despite the 'hip' aesthetics. Really clean and airy. Spent most of the night (morning) on the bar floor with a couple of decent local DJs, tight tech and house, happy dancers, sun came up and felt great. On leaving, we discovered that there was a whole other basement to the club and the bouncer let us back in for the remaining 25 mins of opening- this was at 7.30am I think? Totally NOT the same experience as some of the other reviews on here, I had a great time! Give it a try and remember to smile!

DON'T GO! I don't want to spend too much time to write this comment but the entrance was 240 EUROS! We're a group of 4 girls from Switzerland, not drunk, who just want to have fun for our first night in Lisbon...

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