La Mer
The latest beach area to hit Dubai, this time comes from Meraas, the construction company behind Last Exit and City Walk to name just two.

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If you want to enjoy the beach(sea) with a bit of shopping and dining experience, then I feel this is the best place. Wide range of restaurants to cater different taste buds and the shops are enough to keep you entertained. The best part being the lights in the evening. It dazzles our eyes. For tourists, its a MUST VISIT PLACE.

A nice place for a walk. Different varieties of food available. There is also a water park. Beach activities are fun and amazing place for kids. Aesthetic and a really nice way to get your kids into outdoorsy stuff. Really really good in the winter time. Lots of parking available

Very well planned out. Akin to city walk, but with more stylish touches and you get a better sense of freedom. A lot of eateries around with more to come. Restaurants, Food trucks, pop up stands and more all around give the sense that a lot of things are happening at the same time. Make sure you are here well ahead of time for the sunset since searching for parking is a bit of a hassle.

We were as a family visit. Nice beach front with nice woody style. A variety of shops available. However mostly brands and some restaurants. Seems other going to open soon. Several kids play areas are available.good experience when the time of great weather in Dubai.

I liked the place! Sea is amazing. Still lots of areas under construction as of end of 2017. Fireworks every Thursday and Friday at 9 pm during Dubai shopping Festival starting Dec 26 2017. A nice looking water park by the sea is under construction as well.

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