Kuli Alma – 10pm – 1am
Voted the best bar in Tel Aviv! The cool underground bar on the corner of Yehuda Halevi and Allenby has a big outdoor area to chill, a closed room with amazing music to dance and a third room that usually has live music! The also host some great exhibitions and pop up shops, a complete experience! It has some of the best vibes in the city, awesome DJs, beautiful graffiti decorating the walls and Tubi slushies! Central Tel Aviv – Mikveh Israel 10

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I enjoyed this pub during my trip to Tel Aviv. The cocktails and drink are actually good. There is a Nintendo 64 (is a little bit hidden) and PS4 also. Some people dance, but it isnt the best place for that. The music is the regular pub music, so it doesnt make people move their body.

The most happening spot in the area, has a great trendy hipster vibe, very Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Outside Lounge area for chilling and drinking and backrooms with live band at times. Art exhibition is hosted here sometimes as well. In door smoking is allowed.

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Trendy bar featuring dancefloor, indoor garden, exhibition space and snacks. Feels like a mini cultural centre. Equally fun on a packed night or chilled evening.

Hipster in the best way. Awesomely decorated, and great cocktails.

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