Discover a rich tapestry of colours and flavours at Kaleidoscope. Enjoy a lavish breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet featuring an extensive variety of international and local cuisine.

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If you are looking for quantity, you have found the place. However, if you are keen on quality, then this place is definitely not the place to visit. Very few dishes of the wide selection is of an acceptable standard. The sweets are a joke! Especially those ice creams. I would spend my money somewhere else.

One of the best international lunch Buffet in Dubai! This massive restaurant is always packed and fully booked during weekends (Entertainer Friendly). TIP: celebrate your special occasion at Kaleidoscope and make sure to inform the restaurant to get a free cake! FOOD: The food is just amazing in here, everything taste perfect whether it was Asian, Italian or Arabic cuisine, But my favorite is the Indian cuisine. TIP: a must try is their butter chicken with Nan bread as well as their beef Lazania. Another secret tip would be to take some of the fresh shrimps to the chef and ask him to cook it in pink sauce for you. SERVICE: The service is so fast anything that finishes is replaced within seconds. The staff are friendly and helpful to your needs. AMBIENCE: I love how the people gather in huge groups in Kaleidoscope. It is such a vibrant place filled with happy people.

Good variety of food. The restaurant is huge and there is always lot of people so forget about quietness and fast service, you won't get the same level of attention than in other hotel on the palm. The quality of food alternate between the very good for pastry and continental breakfast to average for the Chinese food.

My husband and I stayed at the hotel and breakfast was included with our room. I'm not sure of the actual price but the breakfast buffet was lovely. There were so many options of food that I couldn't even try a tiny bite of everything (I tried my best). There were selections from many corners of the world: Chinese, Indian, American, British, tons of juices, fruits, breads, omelette station, and salads. I was impressed with their margarita pizza (at 8am, sure why not?). We had our choice of a few buffets but we chose this one since it was said to include many international things and we weren't disappointed!!

Amazing variety of food. Good ambience and well organized. Best place for tourist who are attracted to food. It has detailed information of the food they serve. There is vast variety for even vegetarians

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