Jumeirah Open Beach
This massive stretch of sand bears a striking resemblance to LA’s famous Santa Monica Beach, complete with manned Baywatch-style thatched-roof lifeguard towers. Like its US counterpart, separate cycling and running tracks span the length of the beach, which is also well equipped with sun loungers and parasols available for hire. You can also enjoy a bit of house-spotting here, as it’s overlooked by some impressive villas. However, it was closed for development when this guide went to press. Facilities: There are toilets and showers, and you can rent lockers and parasols. You’ll also find picnic tables and a volleyball net. Dress code: Board-shorts, bikinis and swimming costumes seem to be standard. Open daily 24 hours. Turn right into 47a Street from Jumeirah Beach Road, just past Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa and Palm Strip Mall in Jumeirah 1.

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A nice and relaxing place for the weekends. Ideal for tanning and beach volleyball. Also refreshments can be found, from sodas to cocktails and from beer to hardcore liquor, the choices are wide and endless. but beware if are coming with a car then there is a issue of parking space. You can also get some good photo shots of the Burj Al Arab from the beach at night time.

Night is better time to visit the place. We can swim. Lifeguards are available. Very good place to visit with friends and family. Even alone you can enjoy a walk in the beach. Kids will have lots of fun. Clean surrounding and water.

It is under development stage but soon will be ready. Then it will be better than now is.

Plenty of area with low tides to enjoy swimming.

Quite and relaxing. Visited with family, easy accessible yet clean waters.

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