Jaffa Gate
Jaffa Gate accesses Hebrew-speaking West Jerusalem, focused on the shopping artery of Jaffa Road

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Very busy with tourists and locals alike. Has a wonderful atmosphere of unique historical sites and events. Best to travel with a tour guide to get the most of this place. If you not up to being pushed and shoved around then this is not the place for you but the spiritual experience is so worth it. Prepare to walk miles so come comfortably dressed.

Excellent ambience. Entry to the different quarters of the old city. Remarkable view can be captured from here. Must visit when you are in Jerusalem. There is no entry fee. There is tourist information centre just passed the gate where you can get information about the place and free maps of the old city, that includes places of interest and street names. There is another notice board with maps and names of the streets. There are number of tours that goes on throughout the day and licensed guides. But choose wisely according to your budgets. There are places inside the old city where you might need to buy ticket.

This is an entrance into Jerusalem old City. Jaffa gate is crowded almost every day. Use it for accessing the old city Armenian, Christian, and Jewish quarters. Warning - during holidays such as Passover (Jewish and Christian) the crowd is quite extremely dense. Security is tight 24/7 there is a police station right next to Swedish center like 100 meters from the gate. A nice tour over the old city walls starts right by the gate. Public WC available.

Good place to start The visit at the Old Town of Jerusalem. Tourist info nearby and other attractions. Good communication.

A gate into the old city of jerusalem. The gate is a border between modern city and ancient. the contrast in sudden when entering the gate.

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