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Location: City Centre Me’aisem & BurJuman I have recently been on holiday to Greece and I totally fell in love with the food. Even though Greek cuisine is mostly meat-based, there are lots of vegetarians options. One place that reminds me of my trip is GRK Fresh Greek in Me’aisem City Centre. I always go for the Portobello Mushroom Pita, I like it a bit spicy so I always choose the Kaftero sauce. This is an excellent choice when I don’t want to cook at night, on my way back from the gym, or after a massage at Tips & Toes next door.

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I wanted to try GRK from a very long time and i finally did ... it was really good ... i have become a fan of greek food after having food here... really good food and wraps Also try their greek yoghurt with Nutella it was delicious

First time, my family and I dined in at the Burjuman branch for lunch. The service was very bad; no one came to our table to ask what we like to order. I had to go to the counter and they asked me to go back to my table as someone will come there. I told them we waited for a long time but no one came which is why I came to the counter. The lady apologised and someone came to take our orders. The guy said it will take 10-12 minutes for the food to be ready but took about 15-20 minutes later. The soda we ordered was not cold enough. We had to ask for napkins and straws. The glass was not washed well. The lady serving us did not even have a jolly face. In the end when we left the money in the box, no one came to collect it for about 10 minutes until i went and gave it to the lady who was supposed to collect it. The food was very tasty; we enjoyed it every bit. Prices are good too but the service was poor for a new restaurant opened at a newly renovated known mall. I am rating only for the service. The food was 5 out of 5 for sure! Perfect for someone who is dieting :)

Tasty yummy food... good for people watching their weight as they have healthy options.

@ Burjuman centre GRK fresh Greek A heavily pregnant lady was not allowed to sit as she couldn't find any seating around Carrefour. Interesting part : At that time no seats were occupied by customers. The person was only following the orders answered the Supervisor. I said, there is something called as Humanity doesn't exist which u guyz failed to have. Poor staff n supervision.

Nice Greek tastes, however it's just a small food court like place, so don't expect quality or service like in a 5 star hotel. Took a while to get the food on our table.

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